Cypress School and Adapted Behavior Services Transportation Program

Cypress Transportation Program provides safe and reliable transportation for our students each day from their family homes and back home from school. Our teachers and teacher aides are professionally trained in driver safety and emergency transportation procedures when first hired and then annually re-certified. During school hours we use our vehicles for classroom community activities and the weekly field trips. Our Transportation coordinator works with our Vehicle Repair Shop to provide preventative maintenance and repairs on a regular and as needed basis for our ten vehicles.

For Cypress Adapted Behavior Services we provide school to home transportation for Cypress School students. The Adapted Behavior Coordinator and behavior aides take the participants out to train them in positive adaptive skills across a variety of community locations (stores, bowling alley, and swimming pool).

All Cypress programs follow the individual student/participant’s Positive Behavior Plan that includes any behavioral safety plans related to vehicle safety. We provide training and reinforcement in safely entering and exiting the vehicle, use of safety belts and exhibiting positive behaviors in the vehicle. Learning activities in the vehicle include greetings, how are you today and goodbyes, singing songs, playing what do I see and playing show me (your nose). We use total communication training at school and in the Adaptive Behavior programs through speech, signs, icons and pecs to help our students/participants communicate while traveling to and from our many activities.