Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support Assessments and Plans

Cypress School has a dynamic physical environment, two sensory integration therapy rooms, sensory tools and teaching techniques that support our students to use positive behaviors to access what they want and to express what they do not want.

Each student has a Positive Behavior Support Assessment and Plan provided by our Behaviorist and implemented across the multi-disciplinary team. This assessment includes:

  • Background
  • Baseline
  • Behavioral Deficits
  • Skill/Communication/Sensory Deficits
  • Antecedent and Ecological Factors
  • Hypothesized Function of Behavior
  • Reinforcement Assessment


The Positive Behavior Support and Intervention Plan includes:

  • Measurable Positive Replacement Goals
  • Measurable Behavior Reduction Goals
  • Skills Replacement Plan
  • LIsted Reinforcers
  • Instructional Methos
  • Preventative Strategies
  • Crisis Intervention Strategies, if needed