Photography & Video

Photography here at Cypress School is a year round creative arts experience.  Students are encouraged to participate and express themselves through this outlet at many different opportunities on campus, as well as in the community.  The school has digital cameras, as well as a video recorder, that all the classrooms use to document their amazing learning experiences and special memories.

Video Modeling

Video Modeling is being incorporated across the classrooms as a teaching technique which involves having a student watch themselves and/or a model perform a target skill on an edited video tape and then practice the skill that he or she observed.

Cypress School is using video modeling to teach a wide variety of skills including:

  • Communication skills:
    • Saying “hello” and “goodbye”
  • Daily living skills:
    • Hand washing
    • Grocery shopping
    • Writing his/her name
    • Playing a ball game
  • Social skills:
    • Making comments during play
    • Mental health skills to overcome phobias

We have had amazing success with this method and look forward to expanding these opportunities.