Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy (‘OT’) is a Designated Instructional Service that is provided on an individual basis based on our students Individual Education Plan. Our Occupational Therapists utilize a traditional and modern approach to OT combining handwriting, keyboarding, work tools and utensil usage with Sensory Integration and Sensory Diets.

As many of our students have challenges with Sensory Impairments (over-sensitivity and under sensitivity to daily activities), the whole school is involved in supporting environmental and teaching method modifications. To assist our students we have an extra large OT room with a therapy swing, rock climbing wall and OT toys and adaptive equipment. In our second OT room, we have a Lycra squeeze swing, a carpeted barrel and more toys and adaptive activities.  The OT’s help our students to be better learners by integrating their therapy programs into the classroom, community and home activities.