Movement Therapies


Students at Cypress school are grateful to have Carole Savoy as their dance teacher every Tuesday afternoon. From 1:00-1:30pm Carole hosts the middle school students. Carole is now in her 26th year of teaching dance in Petaluma. She has extensive training in jazz and tap dance. She also taught pre-ballet for 10 years. Carole’s dance studio, Footloose Dance Center, which is off of Old Redwood Highway in Petaluma has a mirror which takes up an entire wall. This mirror is great for the students to watch them selves dance and see where their bodies are in space. Dance class is a very flexible, adaptable class where students are allowed the space and time to be creative and dance freely. Carole has been great with adapting the physical set up of her classroom to better accommodate our students. She also has purchased music that has been requested by our students. Dance is a great mix of fun and exercise.


“Brilliant”, “Natural with students”, “Able to gently push our students to their physical thresholds while simultaneously building their self confidence” are several phrases that come to mind when thinking of Cypress’s middle school gymnastics teacher, Steve Sassone.  Every Wednesday afternoon from 12:45pm -1:15pm the middle school class heads to Redwood Empire Gymnastics at 434 Payran Street in Petaluma. The students have learned their routine:  take their shoes off and start their warm up with Steve for around 10 minutes, where they do an array of physical warm up exercises where they are able to practice following simple and direct instructions. The students and staff enthusiastically shout, “Next challenge” while awaiting their next task from Steve. After warm up the students head out to the main gym floor and each week utilize different equipment and activities, some which are: foam pit, trampolines, rings, rope swing, etc. The students and staff are all very encouraging and supportive of others as they attempt new and challenging activities. The students end each gymnastics lesson by huddling together with Steve and our Cypress staff and cheering, “We did it!”


Amanda Dito, our in-house Yoga Teacher, has been holding a weekly Special Yoga Class for the fall semester.  This is an extra part of Amanda’s Teacher Aide duties.