Equestrian Therapy

Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Giant Steps offers life-changing experiences to Cypress School students with a wide range of disabilities. Each week our students come to interact with their 1,000 pound “therapist” (and best friend) in a safe and secure environment and achieve goals never before dreamed possible. The program offers them the opportunity to focus not on their limitations, but on what they can do, and the results are extraordinary. Lessons are individually designed to suit each rider’s particular need, ability, stamina, and are consistent with predetermined goals that are established in conjunction teachers and therapists.

At Giant Steps Program Director Sandy Webster, supports our youngest students. “Riding and caring for horses can be a powerful tool for healing individuals of all ages with physical, cognitive, emotional, and developmental challenges of all ages.”


Renaissance Healing & Learning Center (Hippotherapy)

Students from Cypress School are provided Hippotherapy (treatment with the help of the horse) through the Renaissance Healing & Learning Center.  Hippotherapy provides children and adults with physical and emotional challenges a nurturing environment that promotes healing.

Director Fran Judd is a Physical Therapist with 20 years of experience has supported our most behaviorally challenged older students teaching them to ride and engage in brain strengthening exercises.