Cypress Primary School

Cypress School started with a dream in 2007 between the UCP of the North Bay  Board of Directors, our Executive Director Margaret Farman, and Laura Briggin, the founder of our school. The dream was to design and develop an innovative school to serve students with autism and other developmental disabilities from Sonoma and adjoining counties. UCPNB purchased a school space within an office complex at 3835 Cypress Drive – adjacent to the Shollenberger Marsh and Bird Sanctuary and at a cross roads for many counties serving students with special needs.

Cypress School began in August 2007 with three Petaluma School District students and has grown to serve 55 students, ages 5-22 years old, in seven classrooms, from eight bay-area counties. Students are referred to Cypress School when the more traditional classroom-based academic approach is not meeting the student’s needs. We also added an array of Behavioral Services and supports, providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) after-school and summer break programs.

As Cypress School has outgrown its current space, we looked to purchase an additional building and found a wonderful site at the end of the same street, Cypress Drive. The purchase was completed in September 2013, and build out began immediately. The new building at 3880 Cypress Drive is divided, our half is Cypress Primary School and the other half is leased by Riverside Montessori School, a charter school serving 170 students, grades kindergarten to sixth. We now have two school sites: Cypress Secondary School for students, high school and post-secondary grades at 3835 Cypress; and Cypress Primary School for students, kindergarten through eighth grade at 3880 Cypress. We have expanded our current integration opportunities with the Casa Grande High School students to include new opportunities with the Riverside Montessori students.

Utilizing a unique combination of 40 years of practical experience as well as
research-based and best practices, the school philosophy and implementation focuses on “Learning without Limits.” This includes individualized and group learning in the classrooms, therapy rooms and in real life opportunities across the greater Sonoma and neighboring communities.

3880 Cypress Drive